The Catalogue Essay

Pavel Alejandro Barrios Sosa, the curator of the exhibition, Los Artistas Magos, wrote an insightful essay in Spanish for the catalogue. However, the person he hired to translate the work returned something that didn’t look much like English. In fact, it closely resembled something that was put through a computer translator, and in many areas made no sense at all. I was so happy to work closely with Alejandro on the tight publication deadline, to produce the English version.

We went over the text word by word and sentence by sentence, seizing the meaning behind his words, and by relating to the English computer text I was able to put together a version that held the ideas he was expressing so fluently in Spanish. Because he is a poet, writer and profound thinker, the experience was deep and meaningful.

You can see the text online here, and its also available for download from James K-M’s site here.

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